Old Vs New – My Musings on Early Oak vs Modern Living

In order to have Early furniture you do not need to live in an Early house, over the years many of my customers have been from various backgrounds, many of whom now live in Modern houses, where a Dresser or a Court Cupboard are able to create a fantastic atmosphere.

I have recently seen many young families investing in Windsor Chairs and Farm House dining tables, not only for the Early Antique atheistic but for their indestructible child proof qualities. 

Many pieces of Early Oak and Early wood fit fantastically well with modern living and compliment even the most minimalist houses. After all a Coffer is a perfect thing to put a television on, and no bedroom is complete without a Coffer at the end of the bed…..

antique country oak coffer antiques fair stand
antique country oak dresser
antique oak dresser base
antique country oak coffer

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