Peter Bunting has been dealing in antique oak furniture, portraits, tapestries and related items for over 30 years. Peter worked for 17 years as a fashion photographer, but collected antiques and eventually became a dealer.

Peter Bunting has showrooms at his home at Harthill Hall, three miles from the historic market town of Bakewell on an upland called Priests Hill, in thirteen acres of pastureland. This area is the home to marauding highland cattle and whiteface woodland sheep.

Harthill Hall dating from the 13th century in the reign of Henry lll, was where armies were raised for the crusades and provides the perfect setting for Peter Bunting Antiques.

Here Fine and Early Oak Furniture, Portraits, Tapestries and Related Items are all shown to advantage in surroundings contemporary with their original use, within the many showrooms that occupy the lovingly restored barns and outbuildings of Harthill Hall.

Peter Bunting Antiques selectively exhibit at the major Antiques Fairs, including the three Olympia’s, LAPADA and Chelsea. He is also a member of the vetting committee at these fairs. You can e-mail Peter for tickets at peter@countryoak.co.uk.

All purchases can be made with confidence in the sure knowledge that Peter Bunting Antiques have been selling to the trade and regular private clients for over 30 years. Peter Bunting is a member of the antiques associations BADA www.bada.org whose strict code of conduct offer even more security and assurances. Pieces are available for sale on 2Covet.